Table 1 Baseline age, distribution of ethnicities and baseline physical activity score (PA score) for boys and girls in the liaison (LS) and champion (CS) intervention groups and the usual practice (UP) group
Age (years)10.2 (0.6)10.1 (0.6)10.3 (0.6)10.3 (0.6)10.1 (0.6)10.3 (0.5)
No of Asian/white/other*37/43/1152/12/432/22/1239/27/846/20/1233/27/7
PA score (1–5)2.5 (0.1)2.7 (0.1)†2.6 (0.1)2.4 (0.1)‡2.5 (0.05)2.6 (0.1)
  • Values are mean (SD) unless otherwise indicated.

  • SD, standard deviation.

  • *Asian includes East, South-east and South Asian ethnicities, white includes North Americans of European descent and other includes children of mixed ethnicity or of other ethnicities such as South and Central American and Oceania.

  • †CS > LS, p<0.05.

  • ‡LS < CS and UP, p<0.05.