Table 2 Summary of reason for match ending and injury reported (n = 1270)
Types of injuryMatch ended by:
No decision (n = 10)DQ (n = 10)Physician (n = 20)KO (n = 42)Decision (n = 310)TKO (n = 428)Submission (n = 450)Total injuriesMatches with injury type (%)
Ocular injury003012118345.4
Injuries of face1231212886410.1
Upper limb injuries00002032156710.6
Lower limb injuries10115713284.4
*Injuries, other100021214294.6
Severe concussion00021000213.3
Suspected cervical spine injury000010010.2
Suspected lumbar spine injury000001120.3
  • DQ, disqualification; KO, knockout; TKO, technical knockout.

  • *For example, torso or rib injury.