Table 8

Comparison between the injury length depending on the diagnostic level and the SPA time

SPA time/levelLength, cm (SD)t Test for the average comparison*
Difference between averages95% CIp Value
0–30 days
    Proximal1.33 (1.12)−1.42(−3.04 to 0.20)0.081 NS
    Distal2.75 (1.36)
31–45 days
    Proximal3.88 (0.99)−3.79(−6.04 to −1.53)0.004
    Distal7.67 (2.52)
>45 days
    Proximal6.00 (1.90)0.50(−3.36 to 4.36)0.763 NS
    Distal5.50 (2.12)
  • Average (SD). *Independent samples t test. 95% CI, confidence interval of the difference between averages. NS, non-significance. There was a statistically significant difference in the injury length between the two levels (p = 0.004) only in the players who have been out of sports participation between 31 and 45 days, the players with distal injury level being those with the longest injury. SPA, sports participation absence.