Table 3

Characteristics and consequences of acute injuries during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2007 and previous injuries and problems reported retrospectively in the survey carried out earlier the same year

RefereeType of injury during Women’s World CupMatch or training injuryType and frequency of treatmentDays of reduced trainingPrevious injuries or problems reported retrospectively in January to May 2007
MR1Rectus femoris muscle strainMatchPhysiotherapy (8);massage (6);electrotherapy (7)10Quadriceps strain (ca)Quadriceps (ca)
MR2Rectus femoris muscle strainMatchPhysiotherapy (5);massage (6);electrotherapy (4)7NoNo
MR3Knee ligament sprain (MCL)TrainingPhysiotherapy (5)4Achilles partial tear (12)Hamstring (lm, 12, ca)
Taping (4)Plantar fascia partial tear (ca)Achilles (lm, 12, ca)
Electrotherapy (4)Calf (12, ca)
Low back (ca)
Knee surgery (ca)
MR4Heel contusionTrainingElectrotherapy (4); taping (3)2NoKnee surgery (ca)
MR5Calf muscle strainTrainingPhysiotherapy (4); massage (5); electrotherapy (4)4NoNo
AR1Ankle sprainMatchPhysiotherapy (9)5Adductors (12)Adductors (12, ca)
Taping (8), electrotherapy (7)Calf (12, ca)
AR2Hamstring muscle strainMatchPhysiotherapy (6); massage (6); electrotherapy (5)9NoKnee (12, ca)
AR3Rectus femoris muscle strainMatchPhysiotherapy (9)7Calf strain (lm)Calf (lm, 12, ca)
Massage (8)Achilles partial tear (ca)Hamstring (12, ca)
Electrotherapy (6)Knee (12, ca)
Achilles (ca)
AR4Thoracic spine blockageTrainingPhysiotherapy (3)2Hamstring strain (12)Hamstring (12, ca)
Massage (3)Calf strain (ca)Calf (ca)
AR5Rectus femoris muscle strainTrainingPhysiotherapy (7)5NoQuadriceps (12, ca)
Massage (5)Hamstring (12, ca)
Electrotherapy (7)Calf (12, ca)
Ankle (12, ca)
Knee (ca)
AR6Ankle sprainTrainingPhysiotherapy (5); taping (5); electrotherapy (4)8Hamstring (12)Hamstring (12, ca)
AR7Hamstring muscle strainTrainingPhysiotherapy (9); massage (8); electrotherapy (5)6NoAdductors (lm, 12, ca)
AR8Rectus femoris muscle strainTrainingPhysiotherapy (5);, massage (5); electrotherapy (4)5Quadriceps strain (12)Quadriceps (12, ca)
AR9Calf muscle strainTrainingPhysiotherapy (11)5Calf (12)Hamstring (12, ca)
Massage (10)Calf (12, ca)
Electrotherapy (7)
  • 12, Previous 12 months; AR, assistant referee; ca, career; lm, last match; MR, match referee.