Table 4

Musculoskeletal problems during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2007 and reported retrospectively during the survey carried out earlier the same year

RefereeReported problem during World Cup 2007Days of reduced trainingType and frequency of treatmentsPrevious problems reported retrospectively in January May 2007
MR6Plantar fascia tightness1Massage (6)Hip (lm, 12, ca)
Electrotherapy (6)Quadriceps (lm)
Hamstring (12, ca)
MR7Low back muscle tightness0Physiotherapy (7)Hip (12)
Massage (9)Hamstring (12)
Calf (12)
MR8Hip joint impingement (FAI), with low back muscle tightness0Physiotherapy(12)Hip (lm,12,ca)
Hamstring (lm,12,ca)
Massage (6)Calf (lm,12,ca)
Ankle (lm,12,ca)
MR9Psoas and adductor muscle tightness1Physiotherapy (5)Head (ca)
Massage (6)Calf (12)
Electrotherapy (4)Hamstring (ca)
MR10Hip joint hypomobility, with psoas and low back muscle tightness3Physiotherapy (7)Head (12)
Calf muscle tightnessMassage (5)Calf (lm, 12, ca)
Electrotherapy (7)Ankle (ca)
(Ankle surgery)
AR1*Piriformis, gluteal and low back muscle tightness1Physiotherapy (5)Head (lm)
Massage (3)Adductors (12)
Calf (12)
AR3*Psoas and adductor muscle tightness0Physiotherapy (8)Calf (lm, 12,ca)
Massage (6)Hamstring (12,ca)
Electrotherapy (6)Knee (12,ca)
Achilles (ca)
AR4*Upper thoracic spine hypomobility0Physiotherapy (3)Hamstring (12,ca)
Massage (2)Calf (ca)
AR9*a) Low back and b) calf muscle tightness0Physiotherapy (5)Hamstring (12, ca)
Massage (4)Calf (12, ca)
Electrotherapy (4)
AR10Plantar fascia tightness2Massage (5)Low back (12)
Electrotherapy (5)Hamstring (ca)
AR11Plantar fascia tightness0Massage (7)Hip (lm, 12, ca)
Electrotherapy (7)Hamstring (lm, 12, ca)
Ankle (lm, 12)
(Ankle surgery)
AR12Hip joint impingement (FAI), with psoas and low back muscle tightness0Physiotherapy (8)Head (lm)
Massage (8)Hip (lm, 12, ca)
Groin (ca)
(Knee surgery)
  • 12, Previous 12 months; AR, assistant referee; ca, career; FAI, femoro-acetabular impingement; lm, last match; MR, match referee.