Table 5 Pathoanatomic approach; anterior to the greater trochanter triangle (diagnoses appear in order of frequency in an athletic population)
Define and AlignPathologyListen and LocalisePalpate and RecreateAlleviate and Investigate
Anterior to the triangleIliopsoas syndromePain on forced hip extension, unrelated to knee position. Pain above and below inguinal ligament.Thomas test.47Ultrasound ± guided local anaesthetic injection.48
Magnetic resonance imaging.49
Iliotibial band friction syndromeAssociated snapping at hip joint, lateral knee pain.Ober’s test,39 reproduce snap.Ultrasound, dynamic view.35
Rectus femoris tendinopathyPain hip flexion worse with knee flexion.Flexion contracture test.47Magnetic resonance imaging.49
Neuropathy, lateral femoral cutaneous nerveAltered skin sensation.Paraesthesia/dysaesthesia over superficial area of lateral thigh.Local anaesthetic infiltration to anterior iliac superior spine.
Nerve conduction studies.50