Table 2 Characteristics of the Achilles tendinopathy (AUS TEN) and the asymptomatic control (AUS CON) group from the Australian subjects
AUS CON (n  =  210)AUS TEN (n  =  85)p ValueCovaried p values
Age, years38.5 (SD 12.4) (205)40.4 (SD 14.2) (84)*0.268nd
Height, cm171.5 (SD 9.2) (207)174.0 (SD 9.2) (82)0.0460.057‡
Weight, kg72.7 (SD 14.2) (208)80.5 (SD 14.0) (85)<0.0010.134‡
BMI, kg/m224.6 (SD 3.9) (207)26.5 (SD 3.8) (82)<0.0010.011‡
Gender, % male40.2 (209)72.9 (85)<0.001nd
Dominant hand, % right hand87.8 (204)†88.2 (85)0.935nd
Country of birth, % Australian born82.0 (205)77.4 (84)0.466nd
  • Values are expressed as means (SD) or percentages when applicable with the number of subjects in parentheses. *Age of the Australian chronic Achilles tendinopathy (AUS TEN) subjects at onset of symptoms. The AUS TEN group were on average 49.2 (SD 12.5) years old at recruitment and 8.9 (SD 9.8) years after their initial onset of symptoms. †Two of the Australian control (AUS CON) subjects were ambidextrous. ‡Covaried for gender. §Covaried for gender and age at recruitment. BMI, Body mass index; nd, not determined.