Table 4

Predictor variables for Cox regression model

VariablesLog rank test significance
Previous hamstring injury0.68
Weekly training time0.28
Hamstring PT600.89
Hamstring PT1800.97
Hamstring PT2400.94
Quadriceps PT600.92
Quadriceps PT1800.08*
Quadriceps PT2400.17*
L0 600.87
L0 1800.84
L0 2400.98
Hcon : Qcon601.00
Hcon : Qcon1800.02*
Hcon : Qcon2400.20*
Hecc : Qcon600.16*
Hecc : Qcon1800.19*
Hecc : Qcon2400.14*
H : H600.36
H : H1800.84
H : H2400.82
  • *Represent variables selected for further analysis. H : H, hamstring to opposite hamstring ratio; Hecc : Qcon, eccentric peak torque of the hamstring muscle versus the concentric quadriceps muscle ratio; Hcon : Qcon, concentric hamstring/quadriceps peak torque ratio; PT, peak torque; SLR, straight leg raising test.