Table 2 Patho-anatomic approach: superior to gluteal triangle (diagnoses appear in order of frequency in an athletic population)
Define and alignPathologyListen and localisePalpate and recreateAlleviate and investigate
Superior to triangleMyofascial painHamstring/gluteal tightness, poorly localised painTender “trigger” points palpable within muscle.30 31Dry needling effective in relieving trigger points30
Gluteus medius tendonopathyWeakness or pain in stance phase of walking and /or running33Trendelenberg test 72% sensitive , 76% specificity33Ultrasound scan34MRI
Iliolumbar ligament painLumbar ache, worse on exercise,Due to anatomy may mimic SIJ pain35 36 may have trigger pointsResponds to dry needling if palpable trigger points30
  • MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; SIJ, sacro-iliac joint pain,