Table 3 Patho-anatomic approach: lateral to gluteal triangle (diagnoses appear in order of frequency in an athletic population)
Define and alignPathologyListen and localisePalpate and recreateAlleviate and investigate
Lateral to triangleTrochanteric bursitisPain getting up off bed or painful on lying on floor37Tenderness directly superior and over greater trochanterUltrasound scan +/− local anaesthetic injection38
Tensor fasciae latae/Iliotibial band syndrome“Snapping” of hip, sharp burning pain lateral thigh worsens with exerciseRecreate snapping,39Ober’s test41Ultrasound scan34
Femoral-acetabularMechanical symptoms, clicking +/− lockingImpingement test41MRI, magnetic resonance arthrogram42
    I. Acetabular/labral
    II. DegenerativeNight pain, restriction in daily livingLimited range of movement,43 pain on weight bearing.Plain film x ray, MRI18
Stress fracture neck of femurFemale, change in volume of training OsteopeniaHop test,44 Fulcrum test45Plain filmBone Scan17, MRI18
Lateral cutaneous nerve entrapmentExercise induced para/hyperaesthesiaReproduction of symptoms on pressure inferior to ASIS46Relief of pain by local anaesthetic47Nerve conduction studies
  • ASIS, anterior superior iliac spine; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging.