Table 4 Musculoskeletal complaints during the 2006 FIFA World Cup and reported retrospectively during the survey carried out 3 months earlier
RefereeComplaint during 2006 World CupDays of reduced trainingType and frequency of treatmentsComplaints reported retrospectively in March/April 2006
MR1Low back0Physiotherapy (11)None
Massage (9)
MR2Low back, calf0Physiotherapy (7)Quadriceps (lm)
Massage (9)Low back (lm, 12, ca)
Adductors (lm, 12, ca))
MR3Knee2Physiotherapy (6)Head, neck (lm, 12, ca)
Electrotherapy (5)Calf (lm, 12, ca)
Hamstring (lm, 12, ca)
Low back (lm, 12, ca)
MR6Achilles tendon0Physiotherapy (5)Ankle (12)
Electrotherapy (5)
MR8Low back0Physiotherapy (3)Ankle (12)
Massage (5)Knee (ca)
Knee surgery
MR9Calf1Physiotherapy (4)Neck (12)
Massage (4)Knee (12)
Calf (Ca)
MR10Knee0Physiotherapy (3)Hip (12, ca)
Electrotherapy (3)Hamstring (12, ca)
Knee (12, ca)
Calf (ca)
Knee surgery
AR7Low back, calf0Physiotherapy (7)Achilles tendon (12, ca)
Massage (6)Ankle (12, ca)
AR8Low back, shoulder0Physiotherapy (5)None
Electrotherapy (4)
AR9Low back0Physiotherapy (2)Low back (ca)
Massage (7)
AR10Low back0Massage (5)Low back (12, ca)
Knee (12)
AR11Low back, hamstring, Adductor2Physiotherapy (8)Low back (12, ca)
Massage (8)
AR12Low back3Physiotherapy (12)Low back (ca)
Massage (13)Quadriceps (12)
Hamstring (12, ca)
Knee (12)
Hip (ca)
AR13Low back0Massage (6)Low back (ca)
AR14Calf0Massage (5)Adductors (12, ca)
AR15Calf, Achilles tendon0Physiotherapy (10)Achilles tendon (12)
Electrotherapy (7)
AR16Achilles tendon0Physiotherapy (5)Achilles tendon (12, ca)
Electrotherapy (10)
AR17Thoraco-cervical spine0Physiotherapy (7)Head (lm, ca)
Calf (lm, 12, ca)
Achilles tendon (lm, 12, ca)
Low back (12, ca)
AR18Thoracic spine, ribs0Physiotherapy (3)Knee (12, ca)
Achilles tendon (ca)
AR19Ankle3Physiotherapy (5)Head (12)
Electrotherapy (4)Neck (12)
Taping (6)Low back (12)
Calf (ca)
AR20Shoulder0Physiotherapy (7)Knee (12)
AR21Knee2Physiotherapy (6)Knee (ca)
Electrotherapy (6)Knee surgery
  • AR, assistant referee; ca, career; lm, last match; MR, match referee; 12, last 12 months.