Table 2

Outcome of Lausanne screening

Total (N  =  428)
Negative (no abnormalities), n (%)371 (87)
Positive (abnormal), n (%)57 (13)
    Family and personal history, numbers (%)*23 (5)
        A positive family history of sudden cardiac death (<50 years) and/or cardiovascular disease13*
        Exertional chest pain/discomfort6*
        Dizziness and/or (near) syncope4*
        Dyspnoea and/or unexplained tiredness4*
    Physical examination, n (%)11 (3)
        Heart murmur8
    ECG, n (%)36 (8)
  • *The total of these numbers (38) is higher than 23 because a number of athletes had more than one abnormality in their family and personal history. ECG, electrocardiogram.