Table 1

Response rates, numbers (proportions), and rates of injuries and illnesses in relation to the size of the participating National Olympic Committee (NOC)

Size of NOC (athletes)
NOCs (n)89164982
Athletes (n)11987175021502567
NOCs with participating physician(s) (n)8916Not knownNot known
Response rate, forms returned by NOC physicians (n, %)121 (89.0)132 (86.3)208 (76.5)*461 (82.2)
Injuries/illnesses reported by NOC physicians10372637245
Injuries/illnesses reported only by the venue156101142
Total injuries (n)118786918285
Injuries per 1000 athletes98.5108.8137.5120.0111.8
Total illnesses (n)8554397185
Illnesses per 1000 athletes71.175.377.746.772.1
  • * Countries with fewer than 11 athletes were excluded from the response rate analysis.

  • Information is missing for two injuries (could not be related to NOCs).

  • NOCs with more than 100 athletes (8): Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, USA.

  • NOCs with 51–100 athletes (9): Austria, China, Czech Republic, Finland, Great Britain, Japan, Latvia, Norway, Slovakia.

  • NOCs with 11–50 athletes (16): Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Korea (Republic), Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine.

  • NOCs with fewer than 11 athletes (49): Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bermuda, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Cayman Island, Chile, Colombia, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Korea (North), Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldavia, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Portugal, San Marino, Senegal, Serbia, South Africa, Tajikistan, Chinese Taipei, Turkey, Uzbekistan.