Table 1 Summary of prospective cohort studies monitoring recovery of post-concussion symptoms
ReferenceSettingSample sizeOutcome measureTime to recovery
Echemendia et al 20017Collegiate athletes29 concussions, 20 controlsGraded symptom checklistNo significant differences in symptom reporting at 48 hours post injury
Erlanger et al 20038High school & collegiate concussion programme47 concussionsGraded symptom checklistMean duration of symptoms  =  6.02 (SD 4.82) days
Guskiewicz et al. 20039Collegiate American football196 concussionsGraded symptom checklist88% recovered within 7 days of injury
Iverson et al 200610High school & collegiate concussion programme30 concussionsGraded symptom checklistRecovery of symptoms observed within 5–10 days of injury
Macciocchi et al 199611Collegiate American football programme183 concussionsSymptom checklistRecovery of symptoms observed within 5–10 days of injury
McCrae et al 200312Collegiate American football programme94 concussions, 56 controlsGraded symptom checklist91% recovered by 7 days of injury
Pellman et al 200413Professional American football programme787 concussionsSymptom checklist92% returned to practice within 7 days of injury