Table 1

Team and player compliance with the injury prevention programme stratified into tertiles of compliance

High compliance (n=17 teams/352 players)Intermediate compliance (n=18 teams/351 players)Low compliance (n=17 teams/352 players)Total (n=52 teams/1055 players)
 First half of the season43.4±9.234–6628.3±6.218–3618.7±7.04–2830.1±12.64–66
 Second half of the season19.8±7.89–4013.1±6.00–222.4±4.10–1211.8±9.40–40
 The whole season68.6±14.852–10442.3±5.830–5220.6±5.611–2843.8±21.811–104
 The whole season49.2±13.933–9523.4±4.915–337.7±4.70–1526.7±19.30–95
  • Values are mean numbers of injury prevention sessions completed in the different periods of the season, presented with SD and ranges.