Table 1 Prospective injury surveillance studies evaluating concussion by comparable sport and gender
SportReferenceStudy methodSubjects/activityStudy length/no. of schoolsHigher concussion rateStatistical differenceApproximate no. of concussions compared
Football (soccer)7Case controlPRO6 yr,F (2.4×)Not analysed15
G20 tournaments
6DescriptiveHS,COL1 yr,Fyes40
PG100 schools
8, 9DescriptiveCOL15 yr,Fyes400
G85 schools/yr
13CohortHS3 yr,MNot analysed15
PG100 schools/yr
Basketball5DescriptiveHS2 yr,F (2×)Not analysedunknown
PG100 schools/yr
6DescriptiveHS,COL1 yr,Fyes35
PG100 schools
10, 11DescriptiveCOL16 yr,Fyes200
G120 schools/yr
13CohortHS3 yr,FNot analysed10
PG100 schools/yr
Ice hockey14CohortCOL1 yr,Fno15
PG6 schools
15, 16DescriptiveCOL4 yr,Fno100
PG20 schools/yr
  • HS, high school; COL, college; F, female; M, male; PRO, professional; G, game; PG, practice and game.