Table 2

Individual risk factors

VariablePatientsControlsMissing values
Gender (%)37 (n=114) female49 (n=124) female0
63 (n=192) male51 (n=130) male0
Abstinence from alcohol (%)79 (n=242) yes72 (n=182) yes0
21 (n=64) no28 (n=71) no0
Abstinence from drugs (%)83 (n=255) yes90 (n=228) yes0
17 (n=51) no10 (n=25) no0
Use of helmet (%)57 (n=175) yes77 (n=196) yes0
43 (n=131) no23 (n=57) no0
Use of spine protector (%)29 (n=89) yes43 (n=108) yes0
71 (n=217) no57 (n=145) no0
Use of wrist protector (%)28 (n=86) yes43 (n=110) yes0
72 (n=220) no57 (n=143) no0
Seasonal checking of snowboard (%)51 (n=156) yes54 (n=137) yes0
49 (n=150) no46 (n=116) no0
Slope conditions: slush versus powder (%)41 (n=41) slush30 (n=39) slush127 patients
59 (n=58) powder70 (n=90) powder96 controls
Slope conditions: icy versus powder (%)58 (n=81) icy24 (n=29) icy127 patients
42 (n=58) powder76 (n=90) powder96 controls
Snow conditions: artificial versus old (%)14 (n=20) artificial19 (n=13) artificial86 patients
86 (n=127) old81 (n=54) old100 controls
Snow conditions: fresh versus old (%)37 (n=74) fresh61 (n=86) fresh86 patients
63 (n=127) old39 (n=54) old100 controls
Weather/visibility (%)18 (n=45) bad11 (n=15) bad61 patients
82 (n=200) good89 (n=120) good118 controls
Experience of aggressive behaviour (%)15 (n=46) yes62 (n=156) yes0
85 (n=260) no38 (n=97) no0
Readiness for risk (visual analogue scale 1–10)median=5 (IQR=3)median=5 (IQR=3)113 patients
19 controls
Readiness for speed (visual analogue scale 1–10)median=6 (IQR=2)median=7 (IQR=7)110 patients
27 controls
Age (years)mean=22.8 (SD=9.9)mean=19 (SD=7.3)0
Experience in snowboarding (years)median=5 (IQR=7)median=7 (IQR=6)39 patients
30 controls
Duration of warm-up before the first ride (min)median=0 (IQR=5)median=0 (IQR=5)39 patients
7 controls
Age of snowboard (years)median=2 (IQR=2)median=2 (IQR=2)122 patients
77 controls