Table 3

Statistically significant and non-significant variables in the patient group

VariableORCIp Value
Low readiness for speed (compared with high readiness for speed)0.200.06 to 0.640.0073
Fresh snow (compared with old snow)0.110.02 to 0.680.0174
Bad weather/visibility (compared with good weather/visibility)19.062.70 to 134.730.0031
Years of experience in snowboarding (first quartile compared with third quartile)1.860.46 to 7.530.3860
Warm-up performed (compared with no warm-up performed)1.490.57 to 3.850.4165
Gender (female compared with male)0.420.09 to 2.000.2767
Low readiness for risk (compared with high readiness for risk)3.090.54 to 17.660.2048
Age (first quartile compared with third quartile)0.890.24 to 3.350.8694
Newskiing equipment (compared with old skiing equipment)0.940.67 to 1.310.7046
Use of back protector (compared with no use of back protector)1.550.33 to 7.310.5784
Use of wrist protector (compared with no use of wrist protector)0.540.14 to 2.100.3706
Artificial snow (compared with old snow)1.870.31 to 11.320.4943
Slush snow (compared with powder snow)1.350.24 to 7.600.7356
Hard and icy snow (compared powder snow)2.210.35 to 13.750.3969
Seasonal checking of snowboarding equipment (compared with no seasonal checking of snowboarding equipment)1.930.45 to 8.240.3739
Alcohol abstinence (compared with no alcohol abstinence)0.280.04 to 2.190.2237
Offensive snowboarding style (compared with defensive snowboarding style)0.490.09 to 2.570.3985
Helmet not used (compared with use of helmet)4.650.94 to 23.050.0595
Drug consumption (compared with no drug consumption)17.540.73 to 418.700.0768
No aggressive behaviour (compared with aggressive behaviour)0.270.07 to 1.010.0520