Table 1

Multifactorial assessment approach for potential future anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury risk

GeneticNumber of first-degree relatives with ACL injury
History of prior injuryPrior knee injury, lower extremity injury, low back or other injury
Developmental and hormonalSex, pubertal stage (Tanner or PMOS), menstrual status
BiomechanicalKnee abduction, knee flexion, side to side asymmetries in these biomechanical parameters
Anatomic and anthropometricFemoral notch width height, weight, BMI
NeuromuscularHamstrings (H), quadriceps (Q) strength, H/Q ratios, side to side asymmetries, vertical jump height
Ligamentous integrityKnee recurvatum, joint laxity index score, KT-2000 measure, side to side asymmetries
  • BMI, body mass index; PMOS, Pubertal Maturational Observational Scale.