Table 3

Knee flexion and abduction kinematics during landing from a drop vertical jump (DVJ) manoeuvre

Sibling 1Sibling 2Controls (n=72)
Knee abduction, degrees:
Initial contact1.5−3.4− (3.2)
Peak−4.3−11.3−7.7−2.1−4.6 (5.6)
Knee flexion, degrees:
Initial contact−15.0−25.4−27.4−24.7−24.5 (6.1)
Peak−67.5−69.9−74.0−74.2−79.9 (10.2)
  • Control values (mean (SD)) were taken from 72 female soccer and basketball players from the same team as the sisters. Negative (−) values indicate knee abduction (valgus) and flexion angular knee motion. ROM, range of motion.