Table 4

Neuromuscular factors

Sibling 1Sibling 2Controls (n=72)
Isokinetic peak torque
Knee extension, Nm111.388.175.283.592.1 (14.7)
Knee flexion, Nm49.054.443.343.345.0 (11.0)
H/Q ratio0.430.620.570.520.49 (0.1)
Jump distance:
Single leg hop, cm179185165164176 (15)
Vertical jump, cm4739.443.3 (5.7)
  • Isokinetic peak flexion and extension peak torque and maximum horizontal and vertical jump distances are shown. Control values (mean (SD)) were taken from 72 female soccer and basketball players from the same team as the sisters.

  • H, hamstrings; Nm, Newton metres; Q, quadriceps.