Table 2

Completeness of data, number of exercise sessions and outcomes by group

Stretch groupControl groupTotal
Number of diary entries* (mean (SD))9.9 (3.5)10.3 (3.1)10.1 (3.4)
Sessions of physical activity per week
 No sessions6612
 One session351449
 Two sessions11082192
 Three sessions248211459
 Four sessions241268509
 Five sessions191212403
 Six sessions119126245
 Seven or more sessions115110225
At least one leg or back injury339348687
Incidence rates (per person-year)
 All (first leg and back) injuries2.382.442.41
 Muscle, ligament and tendon injuries0.660.880.77
 Professional care injuries0.350.360.36
Risk of bothersome soreness in a week (%)24.632.328.3
Severity of soreness (mean (SD))§2.5 (2.2)2.9 (2.5)2.7 (2.4)
Looseness during activity (mean (SD))§3.0 (2.1)3.3 (2.3)3.2 (2.2)
Looseness after activity (mean (SD))§3.2 (2.2)3.7 (2.4)3.4 (2.3)
  • Data are from the 2125 participants (1046 in the stretch group and 1079 in the control group) who provided outcome data. Some provided outcome data but did not provide data on number of sessions of physical activity; these are listed as Missing in the third row of the table.

  • * Number of completed or partially completed diary entries after randomisation (maximum=12).

  • Most frequently reported number episodes over the 12 weekly reports.

  • Mean of all 12 risk estimates.

  • § Mean and SD of all reports (up to 12 observations per participant).