Table 3

Summary of case reports of resistance training-related physeal injury in youth

ReferenceAge (years)Injury locationExercise action, load
Ryan and Salciccioli, 19766414–17Distal radiusOverhead press, 34–81 kg
Benton, 1982633–18Distal radiusNot reported
Gumbs et al, 19826512, 14Distal radius and ulnaOverhead press, 40–68 kg
Jenkins and Mintowt-Czyz, 19866613Distal radiusOverhead press, 30 kg
Weiss and Sponseller, 19896716Distal radiusBench press, 48 kg
Browne et al., 19906816Lumbar ring apophysisBench press, deadlift, “power clings”, 73–160 kg