Table 3

Number of competing athletes, injuries and injury risk in competition of different events

No. of registered athletes per discipline*No of competing athletes per discipline*No. of time-loss injuries during competitionTime-loss injuries in competition per 1000 competing athletes*
100 m1007292634243.531.7
200 m7854674471104.522.7
400 m614753421118.923.8
800 m54455143020.046.5
4 × 100 m Relay1029573692127.514.5
4 × 400 m relay809058711217.228.2
110 m/100 m hurdles514247403063.80.0
400 m Hurdles354332381131.326.3
1500 m574654422337.071.4
3000 m steeplechase434239411226.548.8
5000 m4327392341102.643.5
10 000 m342631221232.390.9
20 km walk50495048020.041.7
50 km walk48473063.8
Discus throw334130401033.30.0
Hammer throw35433441020.048.8
Javelin throw513348312041.70.0
Shot put392936281027.80.0
High jump333431332064.50.0
Pole vault39343531010.028.6
Long jump464046373065.20.0
Triple jump46364635010.028.6
Total*, 130110771175964472840.029.6
  • * Since some athletes competed in more than one discipline, this is not the sum of individual athletes (if an athlete started in different disciplines he/she was counted in each discipline)

  • Information on circumstance is missing for four injuries.