Table 1

Application of the RE–AIM framework in the evaluation of the D2E programme among coaches of junior netball teams

RE–AIM dimensionEvaluation measure
ReachThe exposure of the programme to both coaches of junior players and subsequently junior players, within the association
Effectiveness% of D2E coaches who believed that D2E was effective in:
  • improving correct landing technique

  • reducing lower-limb injury risk in their players

  • improving performance measures (table 2)

AdoptionCoaches' responses on facilitating adoption of D2E, specifically the most relevant age group and skill level (figure 1)
ImplementationCoaches' opinions on resources to improve implementation
Factors or circumstances identified as challenges for implementing D2E (table 3)
No of coaches providing constructive feedback on D2E
MaintenanceNo of coaches who intend to use D2E with players in the future
  • D2E, Down to Earth.