Table 3 Cost items measured in economic evaluations
Cost itemBeard et al35Campbell et al30Rizzo et al34Robertson et al32Robertson et al31Robertson et al33Sach et al38Salkeld et al36Smith and Widiatmoko37
Costs of implementing the intervention
 Programme development**
 Participant enrolment*****
 Other intervention delivery costs (eg, cataract surgery, travel)*******
 Overhead costs*******
Control group intervention costs*‡*‡*‡*‡*‡*
Fall-related healthcare resource use
 Hospital costs******
 Healthcare professional service costs***
Total healthcare resource use
 Hospital costs*****
 Healthcare professional service costs****
Personal out-of-pocket expenses***
  • * Costs were reported for this item.

  • Intervention programme was developed or available prior to the trial.

  • Costs of control group activities were valued at zero.