Table 2

The number of tendons that were symptomatic and asymptomatic are given

Normal tendon structureAbnormal tendon structure
Asymptomatic tendon20626
Symptomatic tendon32326
  • With use of the threshold of 75% echo-types I+II, these tendons were divided in groups with normal (>75% echo-types I+II) or abnormal (<75% echo-types I+II) tendon structure. Three tendons in the symptomatic had a normal tendon structure and six tendons in the asymptomatic group had an abnormal tendon structure. The other 43 of totally 52 tendons were expected to be below the threshold (symptomatic tendons) or above the threshold (asymptomatic tendons). Therefore, ultrasonographic tissue characterisation has an accuracy of 83% ((43/52)×100%).