Table 2

Self-reported personal and family (blood relative) history of soft tissue injuries within the asymptomatic control (CON) and the anterior cruciate ligament ruptures (ACL) groups in the female and male participants

Female participantsn=83n=38
 Any other ligament injury*26.3 (80)54.3 (35)0.004
 Knee ligament injury1.3 (80)11.4 (35)0.029
 Achilles tendon injury5.0 (80)5.7 (35)1.000
 Family ligament injury21.8 (78)50.0 (34)0.003
Male participantsn=133n=91
 Any other ligament injury*44.4 (126)57.5 (80)0.067
 Knee ligament injury4.8 (125)12.5 (80)0.045
 Achilles tendon injury10.4 (125)11.1 (81)0.871
 Family ligament injury27.6 (123)33.8 (80)0.353
  • Values are represented as frequencies (%) and the numbers of participants (n) are in parentheses.

  • * Excluding ACL injuries

  • Includes the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), the lateral collateral ligament (LCL), and the medial collateral ligament (MCL).