Table 1

Summary of inter-rater reliability tests (κ statistic) achieved for 12 tackle risk factors by four video analysts

κ Statistic
BC playing position0.900.880.93
BC speed0.520.400.58
Sequence of tackle on BC0.720.650.79
BC head/neck flexion0.430.330.65
BC BRS in tackle0.410.340.49
T1 direction of tackle on BC0.490.280.65
T1 impact force0.450.280.67
T1 type of tackle0.540.450.64
T1 head position0.540.490.66
T1 BRS on ground0.440.320.59
T2 direction of tackle on BC0.480.290.61
T2 head position0.500.430.59
All variables0.540.280.93
  • BC, ball carrier; BRS, body region struck; T1, Tackler-1; T2, Tackler-2.