Table 2

Risk of injuries expressed as the number of injuries, the number of injuries per athlete per season, and injury incidence and for adolescent elite athletes of different sports

Injury incidence per 1000 h
Referencecountry, season, follow-up periodPopulationSportNo. of all injuriesInjury recording, definitionInjuries per athlete per seasonCompetitionTrainingTotal
Seasonal activities
 Johnson et al19MaleFootball (soccer)476Prospective, ?0.2710.51.4
 UK, 2001–2007, 6 yearsn=292
9–16 years
 Le Gall et al20FemaleFootball (soccer)619Prospective, time loss0.6522.44.66.4
 France, 1998–2006, 8 yearsn=119
15–19 years
 Le Gall et al23MaleFootball (soccer)1152Prospective, time loss0.2211.23.94.8
 France, 1993–2003, 10 yearsn=528
13–15 years
 Price et al24MaleFootball (soccer)3805Prospective, time loss0.4
 UK, 1999–2001, 2 yearsn=4773
9–19 years
 Smoljanovic et al26MaleRowing209Retrospective by survey, time loss0.9 2.0*
 World Cup athletes, 2006–2007, 1 yearn=231
18 years
FemaleRowing184Retrospective by survey, time loss1.1 2.4*
18 years
 Yung et al28Male + femaleBadminton37Retrospective by survey, time loss3.365.92.83.1
 Hong Kong, 2003, 1 yearn=11
16–21 years
 Kolt and Kirkby29FemaleGymnastics151Prospective, time loss or modification of gymnastics sessions4.192.6
 Australia, 1999, 1½ yearsn=24
 Kolt and Kirkby30FemaleGymnastics111Retrospective by survey, time loss2.361.6
 Australia, 1995, 1 year n=47
Training camps and tournaments
 Hägglund et al18FemaleFootball (soccer)43Prospective, time lossNot relevant11.7–28.21.1–7.44.9–13.5
 U19 European Championships, 2006, 2007, 2008n=433
18 years
 U19 European Championships, 2006, 2007, 2008MaleFootball (soccer)38Prospective, time lossNot relevant16.3–27.81.5–2.16.4–13.0
18 years
 U17 European Championships, 2006, 2007, 2008MaleFootball (soccer)40Prospective, time lossNot relevant20.7–28.61.2–5.68.4–13.3
16 years
 Waldén et al22MaleFootball (soccer)17Prospective, time lossNot relevant30.42.913.4
 U19 European Championships, 2005n=144
18 years
 Junge and Dvorak21FemaleFootball (soccer)?Prospective, tissue (expected time loss)Not relevant68–85 (20–49)
 U19 World Championships, 2002, 2004n=432
16–19 years
 Junge et al25MaleFootball (soccer)146Prospective, tissue (expected time loss)Not relevant51.0–88.1 (19.2–32.7)
 U17 World Championships, 1999, 2001n=576
16 years
 Rishiraj et al27FemaleField hockey192Prospective, time lossNot relevant67.5*68.0*67.9*
 Canada, 1996–2000, 5 yearsn=75
18 years
  • * Per 1000 athlete exposures.

  • Based on a squad of 18 players for 12 (female) and 16 (male) qualified teams for each tournament.