Table 3

Injuries and illnesses occurring during training and competition including time-loss from sport at the FINA World Aquatic Championships

Water poloSynchronised swimmingDivingOpen water swimming*Swimming*
Athletes' starts672672990186613251101042967236911075
Acute injuries2123281411871922171
Injuries per 1000 athletes89.4101.899.6118.6134.198.894.621.834.965.6
Competition injuries per 1000 starts14.923.87.072.682.2652.557.
Time loss321101010221
≥14 days 2000010115
Acute illnesses918740135359184
Illnesses per 1000 athletes28.379.624.933.9012.340.560.893.771
Time loss3000000141230
  • * Six female and one male athlete participated in swimming and open water swimming.

  • Sex missing in 18 injuries and 28 illnesses.

  • Time loss is missing in 14 injuries and seven illnesses.

  • FINA, Federation Internationale de Natation.