Table 1

‘11 for Health’ messages and linked football skills

SessionHealth messageFootball skillRisk factors
1Play football (physical exercise)Playing footballHigh blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index, physical inactivity
2Respect girls and womenPassingUnsafe sex
3Protect yourself from HIVHeadingUnsafe sex
4Avoid drugs and alcoholDribblingUse of alcohol, tobacco
5Use treated bed netsShieldingMalaria
6Wash your handsDefendingPoor sanitation and hygiene
7Drink clean waterTrappingContaminated water supply
8Eat a balanced dietBuilding fitnessUnder and overweight, inadequate fruit and vegetable intake
9Vaccinate yourself and your familyShootingInadequate health protection
10Take your prescribed medicationGoalkeepingInadequate health protection
11Fair playTeamworkFamily and social support