Table 3

Univariate results of the association between the variables and the recurrence of hamstring injury

VariablenPercentage of players within each stratum of predictor variableRR (95% CI)p Value
Past history (within 12 months) of a hamstring injury
No (reference)3411.80.006
Yes862.55.3 (1.8 to 15.4)
Active knee extension test
 Negative (reference)3414.70.050
 Positive850.03.4 (1.2 to 9.9)
Time taken to walk pain-free following injury
 ≤1 day (reference)2330.40.149
 >1 day1910.52.9 (0.7 to 12.3)
Taking non-steroidal anti-infl ammatory drugs in fi rst 3 days
 No (reference)2910.30.160
 Yes1346.24.5 (1.3 to 15.1)
Passive straight leg raise test
 Negative (reference)3520.00.631
 Positive728.51.4 (0.4 to 5.5)
Pain provocation test
 Negative (reference)988.90.655
 Positive3375.70.8 (0.6 to 1.1)
Time taken to ascend stairs pain-free
 ≤1 day (reference)2825.00.692
 >1 day1414.31.8 (0.4 to 7.3)
Slump test
 Negative (reference)2825.00.692
 Positive1414.30.6 (0.1 to 2.4)
Injury mechanism
 Non-running (reference)1118.20.999
 Running2122.50.8 (0.2 to 3.3)