Table 3

Coach assessment of the coaches' training course

Intervention group*Control group*
StatementPercentage positive responsesScorePercentage positive responsesScore
Language used in the manual was easy to understand1004.4733.9
Trainers' language on the course was easy to understand904.5824.1
Understood everything in the Football for Health manual1004.5914.3
Trainer made it easy to understand the health messages1004.71004.7
Trainer made it easy to teach the health messages1004.61004.7
Training course was long enough503.3553.5
I was well prepared to implement the health messages1004.51004.7
I was confident to implement the health messages1004.5914.5
Overall rating of the training programme1004.91004.6
Overall rating of the trainers1005.0914.6
Mean value944.5884.4
  • A ‘positive response’ equates to a response of ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree.’ ‘Mean score’ refers to the group's weighted mean response (five-point scale) to the statement.

  • * Post-training results relate to the 5-day training programme (Play Football+Play Fair) for the intervention group and the initial 2-day training programme (Play Football) for coaches in the control group.