Table 5

Responses to 20 health knowledge questions by children in the three groups at the various stages of the programme

Group/stage of intervention/percentage of correct responses given (%)
Intervention: Grade 7 (n=131)Control: Grade 7 (n=114)Intervention: Grade 6 (n=125)
Session no and health statementPrePost3 months after postPre-‘Play Football’Post-‘Play Football’Post-‘Play Fair’PrePost
1Playing football will help to keep me healthy90.893.993.988.693.095.580.093.6+
I will probably live longer if I play sport70.272.576.355.863.265.143.460.0#
2There is a rape telephone helpline for girls90.091.695.496.493.897.491.195.2
There are trained police to help abused girls82.374.674.073.073.776.370.479.2
3HIV and AIDS are the same thing60.867.278.6+56.653.577.7§30.662.9§
Not having sex is the most effective way to avoid HIV/AIDS69.256.565.644.657.555.960.566.9
4Tik is an addictive drug86.285.389.342.182.5§83.2§84.077.6
Alcohol can cause depression46.253.166.4§62.357.062.852.868.0#
5Mosquitoes spread malaria28.270.2§80.9§61.450.980.7§53.673.6§
Malaria cannot kill people38.055.8+45.864.059.671.941.860.8+
6After washing, it is OK to dry my hands on my shirt88.594.695.4*72.680.795.6§77.291.1+
How long should I wash my hands to remove germs?29.580.2§71.5§32.729.865.5§36.160.2§
7It is OK to drink water from the local river65.687.8§84.7§
How long should water be boiled before it is safe to drink?28.285.5§74.0§53.644.786.7§54.975.8§
8Children may get fat eating too many sweets35.722.123.728.939.823.96.429.6§
It is healthy to eat only pap and meat every day69.279.477.787.779.882.356.180.6§
9A vaccination is a healthy food12.424.2#42.0§6.19.627.2§15.730.6+
I have to pay for vaccinations14.636.9§49.6§13.39.839.8§16.137.1§
10There is a cure for HIV42.072.5§60.0+44.633.352.645.549.6
I can stop taking my medication as soon as I begin to feel better56.282.3§87.0§75.264.693.0§70.288.7§
Mean percentage of correct responses to all questions55.269.3§71.6§57.358.171.3§53.167.3§
  • All statistical tests refer to comparisons with the same group preintervention values:

  • * p≤0.05,

  • # p≤0.01,

  • + p≤0.005,

  • § p≤0.001.