Table 4

Chronic studies of exercise and adiponectin

SubjectsChronic exerciseAdiponectin (mg/ml)
Citationn, genderGroupIntensityDurationPrePostp Value
Short-term training (<12 weeks)
 Lim et al9336 fYoungCycling at ~70% of VO2max 3 times/week10 weeks8.1 (2.9)10.1 (4.6)p<0.05
38 fMiddle-aged11.8 (5.4)16.2 (6.0)p<0.01
 Dvorakova-Lorenzova et al9427 fObeseDietary and exercise9 weeks7.9 (2.6)7.5 (2.9)NS
Diet: lowering energy intake, with decrease in animal fat intake
Exercise: 3 times/week supervised 1 h fitness training and 3 more sessions/week of cycling, jogging or brisk walking; these activities included an aerobic exercise (45–60 min at a heart rate of 130–135 beats/min)
 Hara et al957 mOdese (AER+RT)30 min cyclingAER+RT:6.2 (2.0)6.6 (2.5)NS
3 times/week20 weeks
40.8–54.8% of VO2max
7 mObese (AER)50–60 min (after AER)AER: 8 weeks3.7 (2.2)4.0 (1.9)NS
3 sets/10 reps
2–3 times/week at 80% 1RM
Long-term training (≥12 weeks)
 Shadid et al9639 mUpper-body obese insulin-resistant, non-diabetic adultsDiet and exercise19 weeks4.70 (0.36)5.42 (0.32)p<0.01
Diet: a 500 kcal deficit
Exercise: 15 min at 50% of HRR 3 times/week; the intensity was gradually increased to 45 min at 60–70% of HRR 4 times/week
 Bruun et al9712 m and 15 fSeverely obeseHypocaloric diet and daily exercise: hypocaloric diet was calculated to reduce the body weight by ~1%/week15 weeks5.2 (0.6)6.9 (0.5)p<0.001
Exercise: 2–3 h of moderate-intensity physical activity 5 days/week
 Kondo et al988 fObese30–60 min/day, 60–70% of HRR, 200–400 kcal, 4–5 days/week7 months2.4 (1.3)4.2 (1.2)p<0.01
 O'leary et al995 m and 11 fObese sedentaryWeek 1–4: 60 and 65% of HRM 5 days/week for 50–60 min12 weeks6.32 (0.90)6.05 (1.23)NS
Week 5–12: 80 and 85% of HRM 5 days/week for 50–60 min
 Klimkakova et al10012 mObese sedentary1 h 3 times/week (60–70% of 1-RM) for each exercise (ie, for each muscle group), 12–15 repetitions were performed; the subjects completed one set during the initial week; afterwards, the number of sets was gradually adapted to the progression of fitness3 months5.6 (3.9)5.05 (3.1)NS
 Jürimäe et al10112 mElite rowersPreparatory period: high-volume, low-intensity strength training on-water rowing training was mainly performed on single sculls24 weeks25.4 (9.9)26.3 (6.3)NS
 Nassis et al10221 fOverweight/obese girls40 min (total)12 weeks9.57 (3.01)9.08 (2.32)NS
10 min, running, step benching, stair climbing, and jump rope 30 min, group activities (basketball, volleyball and handball)
  • Results reported as mean (SD). p Values reported for pre- versus post values.

  • AER, aerobic; F, female; HRM, heart-rate maximum; HRR, heart-rate reserve; m, male; NS, not significant; RM, repetition maximum; RT, resistance training; VO2max, maximal oxygen uptake.