Table 2

Treatment of osteitis pubis in athletes using conservative therapy only

ArticleSubjectsAge (years)SportSymptom duration prior to RxRestProgressive rehabilitationMedicationsOther modalitiesReturn to playComplications
McMurty1 M21Ice hockey4 days6 weeksNoneIndomethacin25 mgNoneNot specifiedNone
Rodriquez35 MMean 18.9SoccerNot specifiedNoneYesIbuprofen 800 tidCryo-massage laser, ultrasoundMild (uni-lateral symptoms): 3.8 weeks moderate (bilateral)None
McKim9 MMean 38.9Soccer320.6 monthsNone9 out of 11 athletes4 out of 11 athletes on non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugsCompression shortsNot specified, compression shorts significantly improved VAS pain scores after exercise by not at restNone
2 FRunning19
Sing1 M17Soccer3 months1 wkYesNoneNone3 monthsNone
McCarthy1 M20Football6 weeksNoneYesNoneNone5 weeksNone
Wollin4 MMean 16.5Football2 weeks4 Not specified2NoneYesNoneNoneMean 13 weeksNone
  • VAS, visual analogue scale.