Table 4

Treatment of osteitis pubis in athletes using surgical correction

ArticleSubjectsAge (years)SportSymptom duration preoperativelyType of surgeryReturn to playComplications
Williams7 MMean 24.7RugbyMean 26.6 monthsArthrodesis of pubic symphysis by bone grafting supplemented by compression plate6.6 monthsOne patient with/haemospermia postoperatively for 6 weeks
One patient with/intermittent scrotal swelling with/exercise for 6 months
Vitanzo1 M39Not specified6 yearsFusion/stabilisation of symphysis pubisNot specifiedNone
Mulhall2 MMean 25.5SoccerMean 1.25 yearsCurettage of the pubic6 monthsNone
Paajanen (2004)5 MMean 27.5 (four athletes)Soccer2Mean 8.7 months (three athletes)Polypropylene mesh placed into preperitoneal retropubic spaceMean 6 weeksNone
Bandy player4
Radic22 M 1 FMean 27.04Australian rules football22Mean 13. 2 monthsCurettage of the pubic symphysis16 out of 23 athletes: mean 5.6 monthsOne athlete who returned to play at 3 months developed recurrent symptoms at 11 months and underwent surgical fusion
Touch rugby13
Field hockey4
Paaganen (2007)14 M 2 FMean 30 (eight surgical) Mean 22 (eight non-surgical)Soccer16 Cross country4 Running4 Ice hockey416 months (surgical) 6 months (non-surgical)Polypropylene mesh placed into preperitoneal retropubic spaceSeven out of eight athletes (surgical): within 2 months Four out of eight athletes (non-surgical): meanOne athlete in the surgical group had persistent symptoms and required pubic drilling before full return to sport