Table 1

Total number of citations located from all published journals by year for statements on sports concussion

Year of citation
OriginSource journalYear of publication20022003200420052006200720082009TotalGrand total
First CIS, 200124Br J Sports Med20024132426239941149265
Clin J Sport Med20022811111212112693
Phys Sportsmed20020139440223
NATA, 20041719J Athl Train20043617231933101123
Br J Sports Med2006243312
Second CIS, 200458Br J Sports Med2005426382753148250
Br J Sports Med Suppl2005568101039
Clin J Sport Med200541513111154
Phys Sportsmed2005321219
ACSM, 200520 21Med Sci Sports Exerc200500200224
Med Sci Sports Exerc20060541322
Third CIS, 2008916Br J Sports Med Suppl20093317
Clin J Sport Med20091010
J Clin Neurosci200911
J Athl Train200900
J Sci Med Sport200922
PM R200911
Phys Sportsmed200900
Scand J Med Sci Sports200900
  • ACSM, American College of Sports Medicine; CIS, Concussion in Sport; NATA, National Athletic Trainers' Association.