Table 2

Top five citing journals and impact factors (2008)* for the statements on sports concussion

OriginCiting journalNo of citationsImpact factor (2008)
First CIS, 200124Br J Sports Med492.126
Clin J Sport Med311.595
Am J Sports Med153.646
J Athl Train141.651
NATA, 20041719J Athl Train201.651
Br J Sports Med142.126
Clin J Sport Med111.595
Brain Injury061.116
Second CIS, 200458Br J Sports Med482.126
Clin J Sport Med241.595
J Athl Train161.651
Brain Injury101.116
ACSM, 200520 21Med Sci Sports Exerc033.399
Br J Sports Med022.126
J Athl Train021.651
Third CIS, 2008916Clin J Sport Med051.595
Clin Sports Med021.298
J Fam Practice021.400
Br J Sports Med012.126
Br J Sports Med Suppl012.126
  • ACSM, American College of Sports Medicine; CIS, Concussion in Sport; NATA, National Athletic Trainers' Association.

  • * Impact factors (2008) reported by journal citation reports.