Table 3

Scores on the items of the quality assessment list (see table 1), with the total quality score for all positive validity/precision items (3–16) and the percentage of the maximum attainable score (%)

Witvrouw et al9+++++++++7/978
Malliaras et al17++++++++5/863
Crossley et al14+++++++5/1242
Lian et al8(2)+++++++5/1242
Lian et al10+++++3/838
Cook et al11+++++3/838
Malliaras et al13+++++3/838
Gaida et al12+++++3/838
Krauss et al15++++++4/1233
Kujala et al7+++++3/1225
Lian et al8(1)++++2/825
Ferretti et al16+++2/825