Table 3

Players' opinions about the importance of a range of training components for improving football performance or for preventing lower-limb injuries.

(Training component) would improve football performance?*(Training component) would prevent lower-limb injuries?*Wilcoxon signed rank test
Training componentSA/AUSD/DSA/AUSD/D|D|p Value
Ball-handling skills97.02.20.835.432.731.9332<0.001
Drills and set-plays95.33.90.846.534.319.1238<0.001
Kicking skills98.90.50.560.423.416.2192<0.001
Sprint sessions87.77.94.466.917.915.2117<0.001
Endurance/fatigue training94.<0.001
Wearing protective equipment40.430.629.055.925.918.295<0.001
Balance training55.332.012.769.223.96.969<0.001
Weights/resistance training85.59.64.974.615.210.260<0.001
Cutting/stepping training80.214.45.472.817.010.2430.001
Warm-up run88.06.55.491.54.93.6180.08
Jumping and landing training66.
Warm-up stretches88.85.45.790.
  • * Percentage of those with valid (non-missing) responses to the question.

  • Absolute value of the sum of differences between football performance and lower-limb injury prevention scores. The greater the value of |D|, the greater the differences between the two.

  • SA/A, strongly agree/agree; SD/D, strongly disagree/disagree; U, uncertain.