Table 4

Multiple regression analyses of the association between the Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome subscales and Kellgren and Lawrence grade ≥2 versus grade <2 (n=206)

Dependent variablesKellgren and Lawrence <2 vs ≥2βSE95% CIp Value
PainUnadjusted−4.12.2−8.4 to 0.10.06
Adjusted−2.62.3−7.2 to 2.00.26
Other symptomsUnadjusted−5.92.4−10.6 to −1.30.01
Adjusted−5.72.5−10.7 to −0.60.03
Activities of daily livesUnadjusted−1.61.6−4.7 to 1.40.29
Adjusted0.21.7−3.0 to 3.50.89
Sports and recreationUnadjusted−7.33.7−14.6 to 0.00.05
Adjusted−4.63.9−12.4 to 3.10.24
Quality of lifeUnadjusted−2.73.4−9.3 to 3.90.42
Adjusted−0.93.6−8.0 to 6.20.80
  • Adjusted for gender, age and body mass index.