Table 1

Journey from the bench to the podium: examples of forms of research

BasicAppliedTranslational‘Advanced’ translational in high-performance sports medicine
Discovery of the magnetic resonance phenomenonUse of magnetic resonance in imaging the bodyEvaluation of disease through development of new techniques in MRI, including functional MRIRefining MRI protocols to detect sport specific complaints
Use of functional MRI to explore thought and motor control
Development of bone histochemistryUnderstanding metabolic bone disease and injuriesDevelopment of therapies for metabolic bone diseaseDevelopment of treatment and prevention therapies for bone injuries
Sciences of electrophysiology and ultrasoundAssessment of cardiac functionAdvances in electrophysiological mapping and echocardiographyUnderstanding sudden death in the athlete
Muscle pathology, physiologyInsights into ageing, diseaseInterventions to promote muscle function and regenerationManagement of injuries and optimisation of recovery