Table 2

From podium back to the bench and bedside: using research in the high-performance athlete to influence understanding and management of disease

Issue in the high-performance athleteWider use
Effects of heavy training and competition (high physiological and/or psychological stress)
 Mechanisms of fatigue (neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, psychological)Ageing and chronic disease states
 Immune system responsesImmunology, infectious disease
 Drug metabolismNovel therapies, potential adverse effects
 Tissue breakdown and regenerationAgeing, response to illness, therapeutic strategies
 Unusual injuriesDevelopment of new imaging techniques
 Respiratory function in extreme environments, and under extreme physiological stressRespiratory disease
 Metabolic responses to heavy exercisesMetabolic and endocrine disease
Altering biomechanics to optimise performanceInjury and arthritis management
 Development of new technology and equipment
 Injury management techniquesTesting under extreme conditions for use in other populations
 Nutritional strategies to optimise recoveryUse in general population
 Monitoring training and recoveryDevelopment of new physiology and psychology monitoring systems
 Inherent behavioural traitsExercise-related behaviour
 Visual–motor processingNeurological disease, stroke
 GeneticsPerformance, health versus disease