Table 4

Pre and postintervention health knowledge, as a function of country

Group and stage of intervention (correct responses given, %)
Mauritius (n=389)Zimbabwe (n=395)
Session number and health statementPrePostChangePrePostChange
1Playing football will help to keep me healthy97.998.50.679.495.215.8****
Regular exercise helps to prevent being overweight88.496.68.2****77.291.414.2****
Minimum amount of exercise required daily to stay healthy74.293.819.6****52.084.832.8****
2Important for boys to listen to girls58.083.025.0****37.667.830.2****
Boys should help to protect girls from harm89.996.46.5****78.588.29.7****
Football is just for boys92.398.76.4****77.494.116.7****
3You can get HIV by touching someone80.294.614.4********
Not having sex is an effective way to avoid getting HIV/AIDS68.486.618.2****68.483.515.1****
You can tell whether people have HIV by the way they look65.887.621.8****42.652.710.1***
4It is possible to become addicted by starting to smoke marijuana68.191.823.7****59.774.915.2****
Drinking alcohol can make you feel sad/lonely55.782.226.5****36.657.921.3****
It is my choice whether or not I take drugs64.077.213.2****39.749.59.8**
5Mosquitoes spread malaria77.595.417.9****94.996.92.0
Using a bed net at night helps to prevent getting malaria83.594.611.1********
People with malaria can die if they do not get treatment87.395.38.0****71.983.111.2****
6After washing, it is OK to dry my hands on my shirt90.797.97.2****81.591.39.8****
Less likely to become ill if hands are washed before eating91.090.7−0.381.085.84.8
How long should I wash my hands to remove germs33.783.549.8****21.275.754.5****
7Drinking dirty water causes diarrhoea91.096.95.9****90.593.32.8
It is OK to drink water taken straight from a river93.****
How long should water be boiled before it is safe to drink31.884.853.0****28.164.636.5****
8A balanced diet contains food of many colours38.067.729.7****37.381.744.4****
Obesity can lead to diabetes76.988.711.8****32.370.037.7****
You can become obese if you eat too many chips91.597.45.9********
9Vaccinations are dangerous88.296.98.7****62.161.6−0.5
My parents/guardians have to pay for my vaccinations37.770.232.5****10.338.528.2****
A vaccination is a type of health food34.928.6−6.344.963.218.3****
10I can stop taking my medication as soon as I begin to feel better58.494.135.7****54.879.524.7****
There is no cure for tuberculosis15.858.442.6****54.566.311.8****
The right medication can help people with HIV to live longer55.989.433.5****77.489.111.7****
  • Statistical tests refer to comparisons between the post and preintervention values for the same country:

  • * p≤0.05;

  • ** p≤0.01;

  • *** p≤0.005;

  • **** p≤0.001.