Table 6

Children's views about the ‘11 for Health’ programme as a function of country and gender

QuestionGroup and gender
Boys (n=198)Girls (n=191)Boys (n=192)Girls (n=203)
Agreement, %Average scoreAgreement, %Average scorep ValueAgreement, %Average scoreAgreement, %Average scorep Value
Sessions were easy to understand99.54.697.44.60.09188.44.489.24.40.816
Learnt about health issues98.54.799.54.70.33492.74.692.64.50.981
Attitude towards health issues changed93.44.593.74.40.90084.
Sessions were enjoyable88.44.591.64.60.28895.34.694.64.60.759
Would recommend programme to friends89.84.489.54.40.91892.14.489.24.40.317
Overall rating of the programme87.24.589.84.60.42899.04.894.64.70.015
Average value92.84.592.54.591.94.592.14.5
  • ‘Agreement’ equates to a response of ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’.

  • ‘Average score’ refers to the group's weighted average response (five-point scale: strongly disagree, disagree, neither/nor, agree, strongly agree).

  • p Values relate to comparisons of the percent ‘agreement’ recorded for boys and girls in the individual countries.