Table 1

Examples of published intensity thresholds for time spent sedentary and moderate-intensity activity in youth

ReferenceCalibration activitiesSedentaryModerateDefinition of MPA
Treuth et al41Mixed<100>30004.6 METs
Mattocks et al44MixedNA>36004.0 METs
Puyau et al46Mixed<800>3200>0.05 and <0.10 kcal/kg/min
Trost et al53TreadmillAge dependent
 6 yearsTreadmillNA>14004.0 METs
 8 yearsTreadmillNA>16384.0 METs
 10 yearsTreadmillNA>19104.0 METs
 12 yearsTreadmillNA>22204.0 METs
 14 yearsTreadmillNA>25804.0 METs
 16 yearsTreadmillNA>30004.0 METs
  • METs, metabolic equivalents; MPA, moderate-intensity physical activity; NA, not available.