Table 6

Determinants that were reported on in only one study sample (insufficient evidence)

Child physical activityAdolescent physical activityChild sedentary behaviour
Biological, demographicBiological, demographicBiological, demographic
 Ethnicity Household income Overweight/obese
 Weight status Subjective norms Watching TV
 At risk of overweight Self esteemSocial
 Birth weight Perceived body attractiveness Parents use of TV as recreation
 Ponderal index Perceived physical condition Parenting practices
 Head circumference Perceived physical strength
 Crown-heel length Conditioning
 Season of birth Pervious training behaviour
 Parity (being first child) Substance use
 Breast fed at 6 months Change in TV watching
 Maternal age at birth Weekly hours working
 Maternal BMISocial
 Maternal brisk walking and swimming during pregnancy (2) Family support
 Maternal and partner's smoking status during pregnancy (2) Change in social support
 Parent is with partner at 8 months Perceived peer attitude
Psychological Perceived parental attitude
 Sport competence Environmental barriers
 Exercise controls weight Winter season
 Boys better at activity Poor weather
 Rather do other things
 Prefer sedentary activities
 Subjective norm
 Time spend outside at 24, 38, and 53 months (3)
 Time awake
 Time sleeping at 30 months
 Motor coordination
 Exercise with parent
 Fathers perception of child's competence
 Parent activity at 21 months
  • All determinants of adolescent sedentary behaviour were reported on in more than one study sample.

  • TV, television; Italic numbers indicate the presence of multiple determinants.