Table 7

Functional tests

Authors, yearRS (n)Control (n)TestMeasurement methodResults (mean±SD)
Ross et al, 200461414Jump heightHeightNS
Ross et al, 2005631010Jump heightHeightNS
Demeritt et al, 2002722020
  1. Shuttle run

  2. Agility hop test

  1. Time

  2. Errors

  1. NS

  2. NS

Eechaute et al, 2008742929Multiple hop test in zigzag patternTime to complete courseRS: 41.1±12.6
Control: 31.4±5, p<0.002
Wikstrom et al, 2009732424Hopping tests
  1. Figure 8

  2. Side to side

  3. Triple crossover

  4. Hop for distance

  1. Time (s)

  2. Time (s)

  3. Distance (m)

  4. Distance (m)

All NS
  • Raw data are presented if the differences between groups were statistically significant.

  • NS, not significant; RS, recurrent sprain group.